Bittersweet Goodbyes

April 8, 2010

I’m sure you’re all wondering (especially you Molly!) how the first day of non-veganism went.  Lets just say we definitely got our money’s worth at the brunch buffet.  Chris opted to go all-out and get the prime rib; I was a little more cautious, only sampling a few bites of the rack of lamb, and sticking mainly to shrimp, salmon, eggs, and a sampling of cheeses.

SPEAKING of cheese….oh. my. gosh.  I made THE most decadent, rich, creamy macaroni and cheese on Sunday night.  And it was spectacular.  Probably included about a pound of cheese (including cheddar and gouda), it was exactly what I needed to satiate the multitude of cheese cravings I have been having for the past month and a half.  It was rich, and sinfully delicious.  Yum.  But alas…

We’ve finally reached the end of the road (cue Boyz II Men).  After being a non-vegan for 5 days, I am going to just go ahead and say:  my life is far less interesting.

Gone are the days of “is there egg in your fried zucchini batter?” or “can you make that without cheese?”.  Now, when I go to a restaurant, my orders are less complicated, and the experience is more enjoyable for everybody involved (especially the waitress!).  But enjoyable doesn’t always mean exciting.  Deprivation is no fun, I’ll attest to that, but I’m always willing to challenge myself, to see if I can push myself to do something that I wasn’t sure I could do (which is probably why I find climbing so much fun!).  Nowadays, eating, while pleasurable, is less of an adventure, and more of a treat.  It’s almost like the point in life when you realize you can have ice cream for dinner and stay up until 4 am on a weeknight and nobody can stop you (  At first you love it until you realize that maybe getting 4 hours of sleep isn’t the healthiest thing in the world.  My macaroni and cheese is akin to that 4 hours of sleep.

And while the macaroni and cheese was delightful, and the cheesecake we had last night was spectacular, I’m still a little stuck in my vegan ways.  Monday during lunch, I decided to make some chili in the slow cooker for dinner.  But no, I didn’t add ground beef, or ground turkey, or chunks of chuck roast.  I put in texturized vegetable protein.  That’s right.  And as I added it, I thought to myself, “Wow!  It looks just like ground beef!”, apparently unaware that now I was allowed to add actual ground beef to my chili.

In addition, I went to an interview/business lunch and ordered tofu steaks.  I know, it doesn’t even make sense!  A steak and tofu are polar opposites!  But yes, despite the chicken, salmon, oysters(!) and other various animal products, I opted for the tofu.  I think this vegan diet has had an influence on my food preferences.  I find myself picking roasted potatoes over sausage, and cauliflower over escargot.   And you will not believe how excited I get over rice milk – “Chris, did we get rid of the blender?  I found this awesome strawberry rice milk smoothie!”.

Yes folks, overall, my cravings for meat are practically gone.  And I say “practically” mostly because, for the past 3 days, I have wanted nothing more than to eat a thick, juicy, beefy cheeseburger.  And I plan to, very very soon.

On that note, I hope you all stay tuned for the next series: “Chris and Meera Eat Their Way through Denver” starting with the renowned Trompeau Bakery.  Yum.


2 Responses to “Bittersweet Goodbyes”

  1. Proud Vegan Says:

    As a loud and proud vegan, I would like to say that I find this blog EXTREMELY offensive!! Veganism is not something you choose, it is something you are BORN WITH! The very notion that you would try to live a vegan lifestyle for Lent leaves me shocked and appalled. You are just like the people who “experiment” with veganism in college. You are NOT REAL vegans! It’s not a switch you can turn on and off! It is people like you who set the plight of vegans back 100 years!

    I’d like to think that you learned something from all this, but it is quite clear you did not. Good luck in your future endeavors – finding another people group to exploit and offend!

  2. meerawhat Says:

    Just to let you all know, the above comment was made by my friend Michael, a beef-loving, hot-dog eating Chicagan (Chicago-an?). Please don’t be offended by his satirical nature. 🙂

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