We've reached day 34!!

March 24, 2010

I can’t believe that we are only 12 days away from Easter!  Time sure flies when you’re having….lots of tofu.

For starters, we made a little tofu onion scramble on Saturday that was really (really) good on toast with avocado.  The texture was a bit off since we used silken tofu (it was kind of watery) but it was reminiscent of some soft-scrambled eggs.  Overall it ended up being a good brunch with some raspberries and oj.

We also made some eggplant tofu lasagna.  It just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?  Lasagna is another one of those things that almost just NEEDS cheese to be complete.  I food processed my tofu with garlic and some nutritional yeast, in an effort to emulate ricotta, and broiled my eggplant to add some heft to the meal.  But it was still kind of “blah” by the time it came out of the oven.  Chris assured me it was the best vegan meal we had made but I knew deep down that it was not a winner.  The eggplant was chewy and, while the texture of the tofu ricotta was spot on but, no matter how much I seasoned it, it was still lacking that little punch.  After a generous dousing of salt and pepper, it tasted good enough, but I think that’s probably the last lasagna we’ll see until after Easter.

But don’t worry guys, this isn’t a complete tragedy.  Friday night, in about 10 minutes (chopping/washing included) we made OUT OF THIS WORLD portabella burgers.  Out of this world.  They were meaty,  hearty, and just so delicious.  Grilled on the stove with some olive oil and balsamic and nestled on a toasted bun with “aioli” (vegannaise and garlic powder), brown mustard and red onion, they were way better than any garden burger I’ve ever had.  We were in a huge rush to see Alice In Wonderland with Molly and JD, so we forced them to watch us eat and, as Molly walked in the apartment, the first words out of her mouth were “Wow, it smells like real food is cooking in here!”  If that’s not a compliment, I’m not sure what is.

This weekend is Chris’s birthday weekend, and I’d tell you what the plans are but (shhhhh!) it’s a surprise!  So once we return I’ll update you on how we may or may not have cheated in order to make sure Chris had the best 26th birthday of all time.  Time to go heat up some tofupups!


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