The weekend! (Days 24, 25, 26)

March 16, 2010

And what a weekend it was…Chris and I were just social butterflies all weekend long.  From happy hour with Molly and JD to Wynkoop with Paul, Amanda, Rachel, Jake, Katie, lunch with new friend Matty and hanging out with Lisa, Tom, Ryan, Becky, Kammie, Uncle Tom, Kevin, Julia, etc. etc (my aren’t we just so popular!)….definitely did not leave a lot of time for cooking vegan food.

However, by a wonderful coincidence, my friend Kevin invited us over for dinner and lo and behold, he had cooked Indian food that ended up being 100% vegan!  A few people there were vegan/vegetarian, so it was nice to share a meal with a group of people without feeling like an inconvenience or being told we’re crazy.  While most of them were slathering ghee on their chapatis, we didn’t feel like we missed out on anything at all.

Last night for dinner I threw together a pasta sauce (tomatoes, oregano, thyme, parsley, garlic, red pepper) and roasted up some asparagus.  Chris pan-fried some tofu and we ended up with a quick and healthy meal – though not anything terribly exciting.  Tonight I’d like to aim for this (minus the butter of course), but based on how poorly we’ve been following through on cooking endeavors, I’ll be satisfied with anything that’s not a peanut butter sandwich.

Thanks to Cyndi’s suggestion on Day 14, I picked up some Rice Dream rice milk, and it’s great! It’s got that nice rice-y flavor, reminiscent of horchata, and I can see it making a deliciously creamy oatmeal.  Now that school’s out, I’m much more excited about hunting down delicious vegan items and am determined to get through the last half of this experiment with minimal complaining.

Breakfast: Rice Dream milk (need to buy more grapenuts, clearly)
Lunch: Leftover Buffalo Seitan Wrap (it’s not eating out if it’s leftovers!)
Dinner: Hopefully Mushroom Bourguignon
Days Left: 19
Attitude: Ambitious


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