Halfway there!!

March 12, 2010

We’ve reached Day 23 – the midpoint in this whole game.  What have we learned so far?  If you’re unprepared, being vegan is expensive.

B-vitamin supplements ($26??), premade vegan lunches ($8 for meatloaf and quinoa/bean salad!), and restaurants that cater to vegans (you don’t even want to know how much we’ve spent…) definitely add up.

When we started this, we had time to cook meals, take leftovers to work for lunch, craft salads and simmer sauces, and it wasn’t that bad.  As our lives got busier with Chris’s new job and my torture advanced microeconomics class, we became strapped for time.  When you’re hungry and getting home at 9 pm, you’d be willing to spend unheard of amounts of money on food that actually tastes like real food (otherwise that peanut butter-meera’s dip-cracker incident from day 18 would happen way more frequently).

Now that my class is over, and Chris is getting settled into his office, we’ve taken a vow to not eat out at all next week.  No Chipotle for lunch (their guacamole keeps me sane) or Rebellion Pizza for dinner (despite friends’ accounts of terrible service, their vegan pizza is the best around), and definitely no more “let’s just pop into Beatrice and Woodsley for a drink” (which inevitably leads to looking at their vegan menu, ordering off their vegan menu, spending $30 on “just a snack” – I should mention that Chris and I are addicted to Beatrice and Woodsley…we go there at least once a week.  It’s not a cheap habit.)

“But Meera, didn’t you just go have lunch at City O’ City with Kammie 3 hours ago?”  Yes.  I did.  You caught me.  BUT to my defense, we alleged to not eat out at all NEXT week.  So today and tomorrow are fair game.



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